Finding the Best Christian Education

A Christian education that builds off the fundamentals of Christ’s teachings, but also provides a firm grasp on a diversity of subjects, can be difficult to find. Some schools have excellent letters, arts, and humanities programs, but due to lack of funding might suffer in other ways. We all want our kids to get a very well-rounded education, but finding a private school that can keep up with demands can be tough. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when searching for the best school for your children.

Curriculum and Course Selection

One of the most important aspects of a good Christian Education is the ability to interweave theological teachings with art, history, mathematics, and science. It’s important to review the kinds of courses being offered at the school and even visit the school to see how these are taught. Some schools separate the religious aspect of teaching completely from the subject matter itself.

For example, some schools lead classes by opening with a prayer, then teaching the content with little to reference to Christ’s teachings. Some interconnect the two in surprising and interesting ways, encouraging kids to critically think for themselves. Others still go as far as to change content to fit a religious context more appropriately. Depending on the worldview and beliefs of your family, you’ll want to examine these teaching methods in-person and evaluate their efficacy for your goals. Some courses, like sex education, biology, and certain historical subjects might need special consideration according to your particular denomination and beliefs.

Intramural or Extra-Curricular Activities

A good sign that a school is offering your child a multifaceted Christian education is their involvement and inclusion of activities like sports, specialty classes, and field trips. You’ll want to evaluate whether they offer the kinds of opportunities that you want your children to have. Some smaller schools have a limited budget to work with, so they cannot afford entering leagues for sports like basketball and football. For the same financial concerns, some schools might not even offer classes like art and drawing, or have a computer lab that is equipped with modern machines.

On this same note, you’ll be able to gauge a school’s progress and development by their ability to create laboratories for science classes or go on field trips. These kinds of hands-on, real-world examples are essential to building the synaptic connections that children make at an early age. They also offer a range of potential for kids to explore their interests and passions.

Education Grants for Single Mothers to Return to School

Juggling with education and a baby to take care can be very stressful for single mothers, especially the low-income earners. Seeking to return to school can be a pricey affair along with managing child care, tuition and living expenses. So, most moms drop the idea of pursuing education. The government recognizes your tough situation and has thus, initiated many education grants for single mothers to return to school to help attain higher degrees for a thriving job that liberates you from the clutches of huge debts and shallow living standards.

Grab this free money or the education grants for the transition phase that awards you independence for a secured and self-supportive livelihood.

Federal Educational Grants for Single Mothers

Federal Pell Grant: The U.S. government has provision for low-income single mothers desiring to go back to school. The education grant is offered through the Federal Pell Grant, America’s major student aid program that awards a maximum amount of $5,730 to financially deprived students to continue their education. The eligibility of the applicant however, depends on the income level of the individual, the cost of attendance at school, and the amount of time spent in attending school.

In 2014 the U.S Dept of Education through the Federal Pell Grant gave away $30.0 to almost 9 million students. One more good news! President Obama has increased the amount of this grant from $4050 to $5100. So, just select your desired school, college or university, fill the deferral Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and submit it within the deadline which is June 30 for every year.

‘Moms Return to School’ Government Grant Scholarship Program (MRSGGS): an extension of the Pell grant, this grant program offers excellent educational opportunity for home based moms wanting to study online.

Tax Benefits: single mothers attending school or college can now avail tax benefits through the American Opportunity Tax Credit program that gives off the first education amount $4000 totally free.

State Based Grants for School Going Single Mothers

Many state agencies offer educational grants to single mothers to pursue their dream for higher degrees and learning. Few state-specific grants for you are:

Lack of Education Contributes

As more and more low-income families move into neighborhoods that once catered to the middle or upper class, one must be on the lookout for his own personal safety and report any criminal activity going on in their surroundings. Crime is everywhere in these neighborhoods where kids find too much time on their hands after school hours or after the school year lets out.

What also contributes to the crime rate in such places? Is it just the lack of money for low income families? Sometimes, crime can be attributed to the lack of education on the part of the perpetrator or their families.

It is a statistical fact that the crime rate is inversely proportional to the education level of the culprit. Kids who grow up in families that do not stress the importance of getting an education are more likely to be living out on the streets, doing drugs, joining gangs, or ending up in prison.

Sometimes parents who raise such kids were raised in similar conditions when they were youngsters. Nothing has changed. An education should be foremost on parents’ minds when rearing their kids. In fact, an education is the key out of poverty. As the old saying goes, “The way out of the gutter is with a book and not a basketball.”

Kids who do not have a good education in school are more likely to have difficulty with finding jobs, getting into college, or staying out of trouble with the law. Many times they have family issues that are attributed to the loss of a parent at a young age due to a death or an incarceration.

Kids from single-parent homes run that risk of growing up as an “at-risk” child. This is due to the fact that the parent must work to provide food and shelter for the child, and the absence of the other parent fails to provide leadership and guidance for a growing mind. A parent who is incarcerated will definitely not be around to guide the child to getting good grades in school.

What kind of message does an incarcerated parent send to a child? Is it okay to be dumb and stupid and end up in prison like their daddy? Like father, like son. Right? Is it okay to skip school and join a gang like their daddy once did?

The truth of the matter is that kids who drop out of school will face hardship in their lives as they grow older. Lack of education on their part means lack of money to support a family. Lack of money translates into robbing a bank or convenience store.

We hear in the news every day a robbery that occurs in our city or elsewhere. Or perhaps a shooting on the part of the perpetrator that caused an innocent life come to an abrupt halt.

What are kids doing nowadays? How can we prevent our own kids from becoming troubled kids? For one, a parent must be a good role model and stress the importance of a good education. That means the parents must take an active role in their child’s education by monitoring how much television the child is allowed to watch and taking charge of knowing the kinds of friends that his child associates with. Furthermore, this means maintaining communication with his teachers at school and looking over his report card regularly.

A child with poor academic performance may indicate something wrong at school. Perhaps he does not like school due to external influences; i.e. bullying, difficult teachers, taunting by other students, or peer pressure.

It is better to catch the child’s problem as early as possible before it comes to the point that the child is truant from school, or worse, acts out his frustration that is reflected in another Virginia Tech-like massacre.

A child should like his studies and should show interest in his schoolwork. He should be taught that good grades will help him get a good education so that he can get a good paying job and be a productive member of society after he graduates.

Teach your child that involvement in gangs, violence, drugs, and/or extortion will not get him anywhere but prison. Once a person ends up doing life in prison, there IS no second chance. There is no freedom for him. There is no TV, no video games, no music, nothing! Not even a chance to get an education behind bars. If there is school in prison, the education is very limited.

If you are raising a child, question your child as to what is going on in school if he/she displays academic difficulty. Spend some quality time with him/her. Help them with their homework if possible. Remember, you are not just his/her friend, you are their parents. You are the first role model that a child looks toward from infancy. So be a good one and teach him/her what is right by staying in school.

Differences of Education in the Past

Elementary and high school today does not bear much resemblance to the elementary and high schools of fifty and sixty years ago.

We tend to think of change over time as making things worse, and to idealize the past as better and simpler. That was not always the case. However, many people perceive things this way.

Instead of taking this view, we should consider the many positive changes that have occurred over the past six decades that have led to great advances in education in the United States.

One major change that must be mentioned is desegregation. Segregation in schools, or putting black students in separate schools from white students, was made illegal by the Supreme Court ruling in the Brown V. Board of Education case in 1954. Now all students, regardless of race, have the same rights and can attend the same schools.

There have also been improvements in gender inequality. Can you imagine a high school where all of the young women were learning to cook and sew in Home Ec, and all of the boys were learning to do auto repair in auto shop? It sounds ridiculous, and yet that was the picture in many American high schools prior to the late 1960s.

Girls were also disadvantaged academically because of gender bias. They were discouraged from taking advanced math and science courses, and were told that they did not have the natural aptitude to succeed in these subjects. That is no longer the case. Now girls are encouraged in all lines of study, including science and math.

We also consider different learning styles in modern American schools. Different students learn differently. Some are visual learners, others need to hear something repeated a few times to retain the information, still others may need ‘hands on’ application of course materials. In previous decades, this was not recognized the way it is today.

Why Indore Is the Best City for Education Purposes

One of the largest cities of Indian state Madhya Pradesh, Indore is the tier 2 city. This city serves as the headquarters of both the Indore district and Indore division. Also famous as “Mini Bombay”, this city is considered as the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh. There are several historical buildings and monuments in this city that denotes a wide range of styles from various historical and cultural periods of Maratha, Mughal and British era.

The diverse population of Indore consist of local people, Marathis, South Indians, Punjabi, Sindhis, Rajasthanis and more. Due to a mix of population from all over the nation, this city offers a variety of cuisines and food items resembling the dishes from all parts of India. Although, there are so many things in this city that makes it outstanding, the major attraction of this city is:

Education and Job opportunities

The most exciting and notable thing about Indore is that it is the only city in India that houses both the Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management. This city has the convenient atmosphere for students who are interested in pursuing a value-based education. There are numerous schools, colleges and universities in this city imparting quality education to students in different areas. Over the past couple of years, this city has emerged as the leading education hub of the Nation.

Various primary and secondary schools in this city are affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board, ICSE board, NIOS board and the state level M.P. Board. The state university of Indore is Devi Ahilya Vishvavidyalaya and the first private university of this city is Oriental University. Some of the top most education institutions in Indore are:

BM College of Technology Indore
Central India Institute of Technology
Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research
Institute Of Engineering & Science IPS Academy
Indian Institute of Technology Indore
Indore Institute of Science and Technology
Institute of Engineering and Technology, DAVV
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Engineering and management
Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science
BM College of Management & Research Indore
Institute of Management Studies, Devi Ahilya University
Indian Institute of Management Indore
International Institute of Professional Studies, Devi Ahilya Vishvavidyalaya
Sri Aurobindo Institute of Management & Science
Govt. College of Dentistry
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College
Holkar Science College
Maharaja Ranjit Singh College of Professional Sciences
College Of Pharmacy IPS Academy Indore
Devlalikar Kala Veethika

Students who are preparing for various competitive exams such as IAS, CA/CS, IIT-JEE and medical can find a large number of private coaching institutes in this city. As far as career opportunities are concerned, there are a lot of opportunities for jobs in Indore in various industries. Some of the most famous industries in this city that are growing on a fast pace are IT, pharmaceutical, petroleum, automobile and textile.